Stuck in Limbo

A portrait of the people who have risked their lives to come to Europe and who are now stuck in a limbo in Athens, Greece.

Haifaa sits among her family, with her two sons Aliasghar, 8 years old and Hamdi, 12 years old. Her husband Mohammed sits to her left. The family have previously lived in Moria and Kara Tepe on Lesbos. They have been in Greece two years. And have been in Athens for two months. They were waiting to go to France. Athens, Greece. August 2021.
Ibrahim, 21, from Afghanistan. He arrived in Greece 2,5 years ago and have been waiting for his interview ever since. Now the interview is in five days and he is very nervous. His family is still in Afghanistan, and they send him pictures daily of the current situation. He cannot help but cry when he sees the photos. Athens, Greece, August – 2021.
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